My little cutie is talking so much these days that every time I hear a new word I have to run and write it down for my records. I keep baby books for my kids that cover their first 2 years. Logan’s finished a while ago, except I have yet to fill out the page that says when he first dressed himself. We’re still working on that one.
I’m still working through Lila’s book. She has said so many words to date that I have filled the section for that and am adding the rest in an attachment that I made in order to remember as many small details of their babyhood as I can. It’s fun to look back and see where they were at a certain age. I can also see the difference between Logan’s delayed progress and Lila’s advanced progress. Just as an example: Logan walked at 15 months and Lila at 11 months. How’s that for difference? And there are many other examples but I won’t write them all here.
Something cute Lila does is take my phone and say “Hi Nana”. But then when Nana really is on the phone she gets shy and won’t say anything loudly like she normally does. She is also saying many phrases these days: “mo na-nak” when she wants more snack; “da bug” whenever she sees a bug or something that she thinks is a bug. Actually, she has a love/hate relationship with bugs. Sometimes she likes them but most of the time she is afraid of them. She brought me a piece of thread yesterday saying “da bug”. Ha. I’m just happy it wasn’t a worm or something like that.

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  1. She really is a cutie Mercy.Kisses to her

  2. Good to see Logan recuperated and up and about ! Girls are sweetness personified with their talks and they do get audacious as they grow up ! God bless !


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