Nighttime IS for sleeping, right?

The past few nights have been insane. Lila seems to not know how to sleep or something, cause she keeps waking up throughout the night. When I go to check on her she wants to come sleep with me. I don’t know how many times I went to her room last night. I’m too tired to remember. Logan just gets up and comes to our bed when he wants to but she can’t get out of her bed. She begs but I don’t give in unless she is very sick. She just doesn’t lie still. She wiggles and kicks and scratches me, trying to get comfortable. Then she wants to sleep on my chest like she used to as a small baby. No way she can do that now. So I make her lie down and hope she goes back to sleep. Sometimes she does; mostly she waits a few minutes and calls again. Arrg. What happened to the times when she only woke twice in the night for a bottle? Now she is up almost every hour until about 2 or 3, then she sleeps till 8 or 9 or later. Screwed up schedule. Someday I’m gonna have to get her on a good one.
Logan’s new tacitc is to sleep on daddy’s side of the bed so I don’t know he’s there and then I can’t send him back to his bed. Daddy won’t wake up so Logan knows he can stay. At one point last night as I was trying to go back to sleep, Logan walked in and I heard a scream that should have woken the dead. See, Logan has a habit of closing his bedroom door tight when he comes to our room and Lila happned to be awake and the sudden darkness scared her. I put Logan back in his bed and calmed Lila, all the while wishing there was a way to keep kids asleep all night long. Logan usually sleeps through the night. It’s just since he’s been sick that he wakes up more and comes to our bed.
Please, my babies, don’t wake up so much at night or mommy will be useless the next day. I can only imagine that I will look like a walking zombie after the baby comes if this keeps up. Thank God for COFFEE. It keeps me going after many a sleepless night.

A few new pics.

Soccer with daddy on the balcony.

We bought them a 3-foot pool so they could sit and play in the water. It’s just right for them. I wanted the 8′ one but the price stopped me. It would have fit here though and I would have been able to join them. Maybe by next summer.

Here is what Lila does when she needs to pee but I don’t get to her in time. She just sits with her pants on and is wet when I go to take her diaper off. At least she has the right idea.

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