Sick Again


After all his pretenses, Logan is sick again. It’s the third cold in a month or so, but this time he has a bad cough too. Yesterday I could tell it was creeping up on him as his eyes didn’t look good and today I had to clean them. It seems the cold infection is also in his eyes. Not good.

So today I am confining him to bed. Not an easy task to keep a little kid in bed but I’ve promised him books he normally can only read with me and some videos, anything to keep him down. He was also disappointed that he can’t go on the balcony today. It is cool today so the cement will be cold, and since he likes to sit on it to draw or play, I can’t take the risk of him getting worse. I’m not even going to let him play on the tiled floor either.

The one thing I do allow my kids when sick is to be in my bed. Somehow that makes everything easier and he is more willing to rest…for a while. He keeps getting out of bed to say “You awake now”. Of course at night they have to sleep in their own beds so I can get some rest, but last night was crazy. Lila woke up at 11:30 p.m. after having gone to sleep at 10. She had a water bottle, yoghurt bottle, and still would not go back to sleep. She kept fussing so I laid her next to me. Glad and I were watching some t.v. and she wanted to watch too. She stayed awake until 2:30 a.m. at which time Logan burst into my room wanting to be in my bed too. Lila had been playing and talking to herself ever since we had gone to be around 1 a.m. I was so tired but couldn’t sleep as each time I was almost asleep she’d kick me or turn circles in the bed and wake me up again. So when Logan showed up I had had enough. I put both of them back in their own beds and told them I needed some sleep and that they had to sleep in their own beds. Lila didn’t like the idea but she finally fell asleep. Needless to say, when Logan woke me at 8:30 this morning I was still tired. It’s almost 10 and Lila is still asleep, but I’m in no rush to wake her up.

The weather has been crazy lately. One day will be hot, the next cool, the next rainy – really odd weather for Chennai. And with weather changes comes sickness. Logan is the most suseptible in our family. He will usually get sick first, poor baby. So today I will struggle to keep him in bed and hopefully no one else will get sick.

Pray for us.

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