Logan’s Attention-getting Tricks

The past few mornings, Logan has come to me saying, “You feeling sick. Take you tempacha.” He has never liked it when I had to take his temperature in the past, so I think this is just a way to get my undivided attention, if even for only a minute. Yesterday I told him to go ask daddy if his temperature was normal as I was busy cooking but this morning when he asked me, I wasn’t doing anything important. Daddy and Lila were still sleeping so he knew he had me. I told him I was sure his temperature was normal and that he wasn’t sick. I went to take a shower and as I came out, he insisted that I take his temperature. So I went ahead and did it even though I knew it was normal. He just snuggled with me and let me do it. Then he asked for a video afterwards. The rascal. I guess I need to spend more time doing things with him so that he won’t resort to having to pretend to be sick to get attention.

Helping daddy mop the floors.

A few more funny things he says:

papabums – papadams

buttoply – butterfly

And Lila said her first sentence the other day while at the park:
While watching the birds she said, “Deo da bodie.” And she kept repeating it over and over. She has learned to say hi and bye. And the other day while Glad was teaching Logan to say some words in Konkany, Lila repeated perfectly the word “maka”. (Don’t know if I spelled it correctly. Glad is sleeping so I can’t ask him.) She had the biggest smile on her face like she knew daddy would be proud of her for repeating what he was saying.

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  1. Its great how children pick up the languages effortlessly isn't it ! Loved Logans PAPABUMS……..hillarious !!


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