Funny Things Logan Says

I thought I’d make a list of all the cute/funny things Logan says, both for your entertainment and my recollection. Here we go.

Chocolick – chocolate

bulukolin – balcony

computa – computer

jowam – jam

jowamas – pajamas

wynosois – rhinocerous

gowaf – girraffe

Before going for a nap, he always wants to say “good night” to daddy. I guess he doesn’t know what else to say at that time of day.

He’s learned how to fake a cry. He will say “You cowying?” in a sad voice that is obviously put on.

He is totally confused about personal pronoun use. He seems to think that “you” refers to himself, “I” to me, and every time he speaks that is how he says things. Here are some sentences I hear on a daily basis:
– “You throw you toys ovor (over) da bulukolin?” (Letting me know that he has thrown his toys over the balcony.)
– “You sleep in my bed?” (He wants to sleep in my bed.)
– “I do it?” (Sounds normal enough, except he means that he wants me to do whatever he is asking.)
– “You hongowy?” (I’m hungry.)
– “You no like it?” (Whenever he doesn’t like something.)

I still can’t figure out why he makes the majority of his sentences into questions, even if they are not.
There is definitely more that he says, but I can’t think of it at the moment so I will leave it at this and add to it if I think of more things.

My favorite is “jowamas”. What is your favorite?

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  1. bulukolin 🙂 sounds very cute. u need to record these Mercy before he grows up!!!


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