Photo Backlog from August

Every day when we come home from our walk or play at the park, the kids make a beeline for these chairs. They know they are allowed to watch a video while I make dinner. Logan begins by asking for the video he wants to watch while we are still out. He will ask enough times that by the time we get back, all I want to do is get that video on to shut him up. Ha. I like how they each climbed on the chair that had their towel on the back.

This is the current favorite video, what Logan has termed the “ocean video”. It is a Baby Einstien video about water and for some reason it is his current favorite. He changes his favorites every few months. For the longest time all he wanted to watch was “Winnie the Pooh”. Then he switched to a Baby Einstien about animals, and now this one. He never wants to watch anything else, though I can manage to get something else on when this one is over and I’m not finished cooking yet.

Reading books together.

Such love. Despite the fact that he fights with her, takes her toys, bottle, pretty much anything she has in her hand, causing a cry that would rally any army, he does love her. He often wants to give her a hug, but she isn’t in the mood and pushes him away, and then I have to remind him to not force his hugs on her.

Enjoying some corn. She polished off the whole thing.

He was falling asleep while eating. He had not taken a nap that day and had seemed so full of energy, but as soon as he started eating, his eyes began to close, and it took all my effort to keep him awake.

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