The Terror of the Balcony

I was in the house and the kids were playing on the balcony when Logan came in saying “You cowying” (that means “I’m crying”). It’s his new thing when something is bothering him. He says it in a sad voice but there are no tears so I know he has learned how to fake a cry. Anyway, I asked him what was wrong and got the new standard response “centipede outside”. It must be the season for them as there are centipedes everywhere right now, and for some reason, both kids are scared of them.
I try to convince them that the centipede is scared of them because they are so much bigger than him but that doesn’t seem to help. Logan will look at it closely but always wants to know if it will “hout you?” (hurt you) I managed to convince them that the centipede was just passing through and that it was looking for food. They watched it but Lila kept fussing until it was gone.
Sometimes I have to move them if I find one on the step outside or Lila won’t go near the step. She seems to think that all the centipedes have it in for her and are out to get her.

Watching the centipede.

The troublemaker.

Logan was more curious about it but won’t go too close. Lila is sure to keep her distance.

My future cricket star. Can you see it? She will walk around like this so serious and intent on holding on to the ball and bat.

Practice time. Career plans begin early these days.

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  1. oh its so good seeing them play.Lila looks big and cute with the cricket bat in hand…

  2. She really wants to join in and play and isn't happy when Glad and Logan play and don't let her. She was delighted the other day when Logan had to go inside to use the toilet and she got to throw the ball for daddy. She didn't want to stop…and Logan wasn't too happy that Lila was doing his job.


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