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This pregnancy seems to be flying by. Unlike my last two, I’m busier than ever and hardly have time to think about it. Every time I see the ticker on this blog, I am reminded by how little time is left and I’m happy that it is almost over. I don’t really enjoy the pregnancy part, especially when I am chasing two little ones and keeping up with the house, meals, shopping, etc. It takes me all day to just do a little clean up and keep on top of the dishes and laundry. By evening I’m too tired to move.
Logan and Lila love the baby already, Lila especially. She has a thing for babies. She comes to me to pat “baba” and likes to cuddle my tummy and will even kiss it. Of course I’m sure it hasn’t sunk into her mind yet that in time, there will be a real live crying baby there who will take even more of Mommy’s time. For now, she loves the idea. Logan is more aware. I show him when the baby moves and he gets excited. I talk to him about the baby. I’ve told him that the baby is coming near his birthday, (I’m due one week after) but all that reminds him of is cake and ice cream. And considering that both my babies were not born on their due dates, this one may also come early, possibly before or on Logan’s birthday. But I hope not. I like for my kids to have their own birthdays.
Lila was only 8 days early, normal enough, so that is what makes me think this one will come early too, though I would rather not be in the hospital for Logan’s birthday. He is very aware of birthdays now and would expect a cake and ice cream. He doesn’t have the concept of a party in his head so he won’t miss that, but to him, a birthday means a chance to have “cake, ice coweam and chcocolick”. That is what he wants.
I can’t go by Logan’s early birth date, but I’m sure he also would have come earlier than his due date, which was actually the 31st of December. He would have been a new year’s baby had he not come so early. The only thing I didn’t want was for him to be born on Christmas day. I’ve known people born on that day, and in fact, Logan has a cousin who was born that very day and who was due right around when he was. I just think that it takes away the specialness of a birthday, cause then you can only get gifts once a year instead of twice. I guess some people wouldn’t care but I would. My prayer that year was that he’d come either a few days before or after. He decided to do his own thing and come a whole 7 weeks early. While I don’t want that to happen this time, I also don’t want the baby to come on his birthday.

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  1. Alyssa does the same with my tummy, keeps kissing and talking to the baby :)I think its a girly thing:)Brendan is all excited about the baby too….Btw I love logan's pronunciation for chocolate n icecream..love n kisses to both the kiddies


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