Independent Princess

Somehow I keep thinking she looks like a teen here. Don’t ask me why. She sure has the independence of one. Things have to go her way or watch out, you’d better plug your ears and pray you don’t go deaf. She can scream so loud you are sure the people on the next block can hear her. If she has something in her hands and Logan tries to take it, scream. If she is in the kitchen getting into whatever has caught her interest and I take her out, scream. If she is mad about anything, scream.
On the other hand, she can be the cutest darling and say so many words that I wonder if it is the same child. Every time I hear her say something new, I have to run and record it so that I won’t forget. Her latest words are “thed” (bread), “tigo” (tiger), “but” (bat), “pooh” (Winnie the Pooh), “apo” (apple), “buk” (book), and my personal favorite, “nak” (snack). She will also giggle and say “foof” when she or Logan pass gas. Of course, she got that from him. It starts early.

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