A Little Venting

Don’t have much to report or many new pics to show. I’ve been home with my sick babies for days now. I don’t even know how long it’s been. At least there are no more fevers. I’m forcing Logan to eat so he can gain some strength, plus he needs to gain back the weight he has lost this past week. When he is sick, he loses weight so fast, his bones stick out and he looks so skinny. And since eating is not one of his favorite activities, getting him to put that weight back on is tough, especially since all he wants right now is fruit and yoghurt. Getting starch into him is tough. But he isn’t so sick that he can’t eat normally, so I am just serving him smaller portions and making him eat the whole thing.

Lila is still sick too but she doesn’t have any trouble eating. In fact, she is more likely the one I will have to stop from overeating. She loves food, and will eat her own meal, then go to daddy (if he is eating later) and eat his food too, then have a snack on top of it. Gonna have to teach her some restraint in this area.

She is kind of like me in that I also love food, but I have learned how to control myself and not overeat, unless it is chocolate and then you had better hide it if you don’t want me to eat it all. Besides, chocolate is good for a mommy’s sanity. Mine has been sorely tested this week. Logan gets so grumpy and whiney when he is sick and my nerves have had all they can take. I told Glad that I need a vacation where there is no cooking, cleaning, diapers or whiney voices around. I probably need to go somewhere far, far away, but since that isn’t possible, look out chocolate, here I come. 🙂

Ok, the kids are up and Glad is leaving early, so I’d better get a move on with breakfast.

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