Daddy’s Birthday

Yesterday was Glad’s birthday. It finally came, much to Logan’s delight. He started the day by asking where daddy was (he was at the gym), and when he got home, Logan started with “happy bofday” and kept it up all morning. I made a special breakfast of omelets with toast and bacon. We don’t eat bacon often because it is expensive, but for a special day like today, it was time to bring it out.
We decided to go out for the morning to a new mall that recently opened. This mall is not at all like any Indian mall and is more like a western mall. I haven’t seen anything like it since I was in Canada. But true to Indian fashon, it was opened before most of the construction was complete. Many shops weren’t even finished yet, but the ones that were open were having some major discounts due to Independence Day being right around the corner.
Glad got some new shirts and jeans for less than half the price they normally would have cost, Logan got to pick out a new coloring book, and for me, well, my goal was to find a new camera. And guess what? WE DID! Do you feel the excitement? And it was half price, a nice Kodak digital camera. And it even takes video with sound. I’m so happy with it. I felt like a part of the kids life was being lost without a camera. It has a range of 1.7 to 10.0 megapixles, compared to our old one that was only 2.0 mp. You can choose what to put it on. I’ve already been messing around with it and figuring it out, but have yet to get any good pics with it. But don’t dispair, they are coming. I promise. Maybe I will get some today. (I decided to give the old camera to Logan so he could “take pictures” but Lila was the one who loved it most.)
We had lunch at the mall (Subway, I love it), then both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. Lila was asleep before we left the parking lot. At home we all took a much-needed nap. I didn’t realize how tired I was.
I wasn’t able to bake Glad’s favorite chocolate cake this year (boo hoo) so I opted for second best: I bought a pound cake and frosted it with my own frosting. Certainly better than most of the store bought cakes available. I also whipped up my own version of KFC and french fries for dinner, along with corn on the cob. No, I’m not a super cook, but under the inspiration of the moment, some good stuff can come out. At least I think so. It must have been good, for it all got polished off, though it took Glad at least 2 hours to eat since he was getting so many phone calls. Lots of people love him so they either call him, message him, or e-mail. He didn’t even want to check his mail or answer the phone any more.
Overall we had a fun day. The kids went to bed rather late after Logan (finally!) was able to get the “cake, ice coweam and chocolick” he had been asking for for the past 2 weeks. That is all he wanted for daddy’s birthday. Ha.

Logan and Lila coloring after nap time. This is with our new camera. I still have to adjust the m.p. size as this is 2 mb and pics that size will rapidly fill my blogger photo alotment.

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