Cricket craze

Logan is more crazy about cricket than Glad is, if that is even possible. He keeps asking to watch the game and fussing when the ads come on. He cheers when they hit the ball and gets excited over a good shot, just like daddy does. He will stop to watch the t.v. at any place where a cricket game is showing, or even people playing on the street. And when daddy is playing his cricket computer game, both kids want to sit with him to watch.
Yes, Lila is picking up on the action, too. She will grab her small cricket bat and a soft ball and carry them around or try to hit the ball. Logan loves to play cricket with daddy and cries when they stop. Glad says he could be a good bowler as he throws straight and uses the correct posture. It’s cute to watch.

Here are some older pictures of daddy and Logan playing cricket together. These are from vacation this year.

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  1. Dad and son playing sports, is there anything cuter? I think NOT!! Thanks so much for sharing these!!


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