New things Logan can say

In the last month or so, Logan has discovered how to use the word “no”. Many times when I ask him to do something or if he want’s to do something, the answer will be “no, no”. Then if it is something that he needs to do and I tell him so, the answer is “no like it”. I hear “no like it” many times a day. “No like it” when it is time to eat, “no like it” when he has to pick up his toys, “no like it” when we are going outside, and especially an emphatic “NO LIKE IT” when it is shower time, this one accompanied by tears.
At first I wasn’t sure how to handle it. I know that all preschoolers go through a phase of saying no and wanting to be in charge, but I didn’t expect it to come with such force. So what I do is I answer depending on the situation. Sometimes it’s ok for him to not like something, like this one particular kind of small 3-wheel truck he is afraid of or the washer. I tell him he doesn’t have to like them but that they won’t hurt him. But then there are times when, like it or not, he has to do what I say, like take a shower. So my pat answer for a while when he said “no like it” was, “like it or not, you have to do it”. So now, whenever he says “no like it”, he immediately also says “like it or not”. It’s funny to hear that from him, but he is also more cooperative afterwards, like he has resigned himself to having to do what he doesn’t like but he knows he can still express his feelings on the matter.
He is also into knowing what will hurt him and what won’t. At first I would just say “it won’t hurt you” but then I realised that I should give him a fuller explanation. So, for example, when out walking, if we pass a truck that looks like this

and he starts walking closer to me and saying “no like it, hurt you”, I tell him that a parked vehicle can’t hurt him, but that he has to be careful for ones that are moving and that is why we walk on the side of the road and look both ways before crossing.
He wants to know many times a day if something will “hout you?” He is still afraid of the washer and won’t go near it when it is on, even though it is the quietest machine. Even when on full spin, I can hardly hear it, but somehow he knows it’s on and won’t go near it.
Last night he asked me if cows will hurt you. He loves cows and always trys to get as close as he can, even wanting to touch them. So I told him that he always has to be careful around cows because of their big horns and that if he makes the cow mad it could hurt him. He is learning that he should ask the cow’s owner before touching it (if the person is there). Otherwise I don’t let him touch them, unless it is a calf. He is also learning to not pet dogs without asking. He has no fear of them, but with the large number of stray dogs around, most of whom are sick and diseased, I can’t take the risk of him getting sick or hurt from wanting to touch these dogs that can be so friendly. He touched one at the park yesterday (I was a distance away dusting off Lila who had fallen in the dirt). At least this dog didn’t look sick. But each time I reiterate that he must ask me before touching a dog, and that if a dog is on a leash, he has to ask the dog’s owner first.
This kind of training is tiring for me but it’s important for his safety. I hope it won’t be long before he gets it down.
One more thing. Logan is learning to use personal pronouns, but still doesn’t have them figured out, so when he is talking about himself, he says “you”. It is so funny to hear the sentences that come out of his mouth. Yesterday he said “You are having fun” when talking about how much fun he was having on the balcony. Or he’ll say “you are done” when he is finished doing something. I get him to repeat what he said, replacing you with I, but so far he doesn’t have the idea yet.
And Lila? Well, at 15 months, she can say more words than Logan could at 2 1/2. She can say mama, dada, ma (more), mowk (milk), ka-kack (cracker or quack-quack, depending on the situation), up, upabub (up above, from the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”), ah-dah (all done), uh-oh, dat (that), baba (baby), ba (ball), na-na (food), ca (car), and the latest “dad” when playing with daddy. She can also say the animal sounds for the sheep, elephant, and duck.
She is an intelligent little rascal and understands perfectly everything I tell her. She loves to play in the bathroom with her sand toys, filling the bucket with water and dumping it. She likes to go on the swing and can climb the ladder to the slide and go down (with help of course). She has a mind of her own and wants to do her own thing all the time. She can feed herself with a spoon and uses it more than Logan does. She LOVES dogs and gets estatic every time she sees one.
My little rascals are growing up.

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