Pictures of the New House

I have to begin with my apologies for the quality of the pics. Since the flash on my camera died, anything taken indoors is dark, even with all the lights on. This is just so you can have a glimpse of our place, and perhaps give me some ideas for decorating.

We’ll start in the children’s bedroom. Here is one of them napping. They have both learned to sleep in their own beds at all times and will fall asleep without me needing to be in the room. Such a relief for me.

Our temporary curtains.

Our bedroom.

The first bathroom.

Yes, there is a sink inside the bathroom and one on the outside. This is standard here.

The archway leading to the bathroom and our bedrooms. Ours is on the left and the kids on the right.

The living room as it looks now. Still need to get the boxes out of the house. The front door is on the right.

I like these small windows. They let in a good amount of light.

Dining area. Bedrooms are to the left, and you can see into the kitchen with the little window. I like that too.

My big kitchen.

My new washer.

Hallway. Kitchen door is on the right,the guest bedroom door is left and there is a second bathroom at the end.

I use the sink outside the guest bathroom for laundry.

Guest bathroom.

Guest bedroom/office/storage.

Heading outside to the porch/balcony. We live on the first floor (2nd for you westerners) so I am not sure which to call it.

The area that has to be covered with the mesh.

The spaces are wide enough that Lila fits through them.

Miss adorable.

It’s a small house but just perfect for us. With the new baby coming, the less space I have to clean, the better. Once I get a new camera you’ll get some better photos.

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  1. they are getting so big, and they both look alike so much!


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