"Weed, Mommy, weed? Weed?"

No, this is not a post about gardening. That is something I know nothing about. Any plant I’ve ever tried to care for has died in a short time, usually because I forget to water it.
The title is actually the way Logan asks me to read to him, and I hear this request many times a day (and yes, he does repeat it over and over until I answer him). Of course I can’t stop everything every time he asks me but I try to read to him at least once a day, usually before bed, but sometimes also in the morning.
I’m happy that he has a love for books and being read to. I’ve tried to collect good children’s books that he will want to read over and over. A few months ago I took the kids to a nearby bookstore (now closed, 😦 ) and we spent about 2 hours pouring over the books. Ok, I looked at the books and they played with them. I’m very particular about what I let my kids look at so it took me some time to come up with something I liked, and that wasn’t too expensive. Most kids books that fall in the cardboard book category are very expensive for the small amount of pages they contain. But I finally found 3 that day and I will show them to you. You’ll have to excuse the size of some of them. I couldn’t find a good size picture of some of them online.

This first book is one I had bought for Logan when he was a baby. He loved it so much and always wanted to see the puppy on the first page. When he was a toddler he completely ruined the book by bending it backwards and pulling the pages apart. In the end I had to throw it out but I did so sadly as he loved it so much. When I found it again he had no interest in it but Lila did, so I bought it for her. It is small, the perfect size book for baby hands to hold, and she loves the pictures of baby animals.

This book I couldn’t put down once I picked it up. The artwork is the most adorable, kid-friendly art I’ve seen in a book in a long time. The whole thing is about baby animals and the sounds they make. When we read it, Logan fills in the sounds for each one. He is quite good at it.
In searching for this picture, I found that this artist has done many other equally adorable books for kids and I hope to find some.

Crazy Caterpillars – Logan calls them “cadopiyas”. I bought this book because it brought back memories of when I was teaching and it was in my classroom. Logan has it memorized and can fill in any word when I pause. The story is about caterpillars turning into butterflies and is written in poem form. A cute, fun, glittery book.

Another book series I’ve always loved is the Golden Books. Not so many are available here, but I try to get my hands on some of the older ones when I can. These two I’ve had for a few years now. I bought them both in separtate shops, the only copies available, and a miracle that I found them as I’ve never seen them again. “My Little Golden Book About God” talks about God and all He does for us. “Prayers for Children” contains poem prayers that are easy for children to learn. We like to read this one a lot, especially before bed.

And now that Logan has all these books memorized, it is time for me to find some new ones. A trip to the book store is in order.

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  1. I will pray that you can find some more good books for Logan as he will need the input! You are so loving with the children, you are a good mom grandma


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