Keeping My Promise…

to update you, that is. I’ve been neglecting my blog, been so busy, but I’m going to do better. There are changes in the air for us, most of which I’ll be able to tell you about shortly. The one that will happen soonest is that we are moving to a new house. It’s exciting for me because I’m ready for us to live on our own.
For the past year and a half we’ve been living with an older couple and their teen son. It wasn’t bad, but there comes a point where it is hard living with people you aren’t related to. You do things differently, see things differently, etc. that the point comes when things don’t go as well as they did in the beginning. Just imagine two women trying to run the kitchen. Ha. Anyway, we are going to be out by the end of the month. You’ll hear more about that when it happens.

Now for the pictures. These are some backlog from May.

Do you like my jeans? (Please ignore the wall. Logan has been adding to it ever since he first colored on it and there is no way to clean it off without taking the paint off too. I’m sure it will be painted as soon as we move.)

Her favorite way to ride the horse. Lady Godiva.


Watching T.V.

These are from June…so far.

Glad was gone for 10 days so he brought the kids each a gift when he came back. As you can see, Lila loved hers. She was so excited over it and wouldn’t put it down. I told Glad I was impressed that he brought Lila a cuddle toy since I know he hates such things, but he said it isn’t a toy but a pillow. Ha. Looks like a stuffed fish to me.

Logan loved the mini white board and used up the marker in about 10 minutes. I had to hide it after that. He got the marker on everything.

He can sleep anywhere, just like daddy.

Watching their favorite Winnie the Pooh video. I love how they are each holding their favorite toys as well. Logan is holding Ed, a bear I’ve had since I was 15 and that is now his, and Lila has her “babies”, squeaky toy twins.

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  1. Hey Congratulations and love the pics ! was missing a new post and did pass by a couple of times last week. Glad to know all is well and the kiddos are adorable as always ! Love, Tina


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