Something fishy going on

Check it out, Mommy. Look what I found.

Cool, I’m sitting on top of them.

I’m gonna catch one.

This is fun.

I should have taken a full view pic of the shop itself so you could see better. What this is, is a jewelry store whos floor is a fish tank. The ceiling has mirrors, and somehow the combination of glass, mirrors, transparent furniture, the gold jewelry and the fish tank combine to make a rather unique looking shop.
The place is small and is normally too crowded to take the kids in, but today it was rather empty, and of course everyone wants a close up view of my kids so they invited us in to see the fish. Someone fed them so they all gathered in one place, scrambling to get some food. Lila’s squeals of excitement got everyone’s attention and it wasn’t until I finished getting pics of them that I found at least 3 other people with their phones out, taking pics too. I don’t usually allow this, but I figured on this occasion it was ok.

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  1. That is SO cool!! Looks like the kids had such a good time checking out the fish!


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