Some of Logan’s latest words, only the ones he can’t pronounce so well:

“houw-hee” horsie
“heeks” six
“fwee” three
“poopo” purple
“oh nun” all done
“thoo” blue
“peek” pink
“lellu” yellow
“ene” seven
“cuck” truck
“mow” more
“tlay” play

He has a hard time with words that start with blends like bl, pl, etc. He kind of skips the first letter and splatters the “l” and says the rest of the word.

Whenever he does something wrong I hear “oh oh”. If it if really naughty he will swat himself, and will also bring me his plastic cricket bat for a swat. (Only used if he is super bad, like biting Lila, something he does a lot when she interrupts his play or takes what he has.)

Today he said a sentence all by himself. He was playing with daddy and I called him for lunch. He started crying and said, “Mow tlay, daddy”.

Lila’s new words:

“ah-dah” all done
“deow” there

If Lila wants to climb on something and she can’t get up, she will empty the toy box and stand on that in order to reach.

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  1. I love how you phonetically write out how he says these words! Classic! Wish I could hear them live, they must be adorable!!

  2. They are. That is why I wrote them that way.


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