How I’m Doing

So today I feel the need to jabber about my pregnancy. (Men, if this doesn’t interest you, feel free to leave. You won’t offend me.)
To be completely honest, I don’t really enjoy the pregnancy part. Having to eat all the time, gain excess weight, and feel sick most days is not my idea of fun. I spend half the day wondering what to eat, the other half eating, and the other half trying to catch up with my life. Yes, my day consists of triple halves. My brain is fried right now. There are days when I wish someone would pamper me, cook for me, clean for me, take my kids, and leave me free to sleep, eat, sleep, eat, and sleep and eat some more. I’m so tired most of the time but never seem to get enough sleep. It must have something to do with having a baby and a toddler who think it’s fun to interrupt mommy’s sleep.
But, I have to say there is one thing I am proud of myself for this time around, and that is…I am watching my weight. Yes, I am. There is no way I’m going to let myself gain as much as I did the last 2 times. I know I just said I spend a lot of time eating, but I have learned that I don’t absolutely have to eat every time I feel the tiniest bit hungry. I did that with my first pregnancy and gained 6 kilos in one month. In fact, I gained so fast that I had problems with my left wrist due to the rapid weight gain and couldn’t use it for several months. I couldn’t even lift the lightest thing without my wrist paining severly. Thankfully the problem went away as I lost weight after the baby was born.
I gained slower in my second pregnancy, but still gained a lot. I was looking at pics of me at 3 months then and I look like I’ve already put on a lot of weight, whereas this time I don’t look as if I’ve gained, though I have.
My plan is to weigh myself weekly and watch the specific foods I eat. I’m not so sick any more so am able to eat better and fill up on more healthy foods. I go to a nearby pharmacy that has a digital scale so I can get an exact weight. Now I have to find a way to work in some exercise. I do take the children for a walk most days, as long as I don’t feel too tired, but I feel that isn’t enough. I have a pregnancy workout video that I want to use. The difficulty is seeing how to fit it into my day. When I wasn’t pregnant I could exercise during their nap, but now I need a nap myself. I just don’t make it if I don’t nap.
I also need some motivation to do it. My desire isn’t strong enough at this point. If I’m too tired, I won’t do anything. I let myself off like that. Anybody want to give me a pep talk? 🙂
Lila is officially weaned from the breast so I don’t have the excuse of her nursing too much. It seemed like she wanted to nurse all the time, but she only drinks 3 4oz. bottles a night. It’s good cause I don’t have to wake up as often. I make the bottles before I go to bed and keep them by the side of my bed, right in the path of the airconditioner, and they keep all night.
Oh my, look at the time. Here I am jabbering on and the kids are asleep and I should be too. I’ll try to get some new pics up next time.

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