One Year Old

Last Tuesday Lila celebrated her first birthday. How this year flew by so fast I don’t know.
Let’s do a picture review of Lila’s first year of life.

Just born. She was less than one hour old here. Like most newborns, she was born rather ugly. Just being honest.

One month old. Still a bit skinny.

Two months old. Finally put on some chub. She is a good eater.

Three months old. She loved to suck her thumb at this age.

Four months old. First time in the walker. Her feet hardly touched the floor.

Five months old. First time in the highchair. I love her smile.

Six months old. Standing up, her favorite thing to do.

Seven months old. Getting ready for Christmas.

Eight months old. Checking herself out in the mirror at Nana’s house.

Nine months old. She could stand well on her own at this age.

Ten months old. Pretty in pink.

Eleven months old. I love to play at the park.

Twelve months old. She has turned into such a beauty, don’t you think?

I like to look at my kids pictures over time like this because then I can see how much they have grown and changed.

We had a nice party for her. A friend came over with decorations, give-away gifts for the other children (a custom at parties here), matching plates, silverware, party hats, etc. I made the cake, and we ordered some Indian snacks, samosas and puffs. We also made fried chicken, vegetable sticks with dip, french fries, and a punch. It was yummy. (My pregnant tummy is talking here.)

She kept trying to stick her hands in the cake.

There was confettie everywhere. See her feet?

Her new friend, Jayden. (The one we caught her smooching before.) Finally got a pic of them together.

The next morning I helped her open her gifts. Even though Logan got two gifts of his own, he was quite offended that he couldn’t take hers away from her when she was playing with them, and he wasn’t happy until he got to open some for her while she was occupied with others.
She got:
A shape sorter
Mobile phone
Electronic book
Plate, bowl, cup, and silverware set
A dress
Pants and top set
Stuffed green elephant

The tired look on her face is because she had just woken up when I grabbed her to open the gifts.

She figured this out the first morning. It took Logan at least 24 hours of trying to force the shapes in the wrong holes before he got the idea.

The sipper cup was a hit. She never wants to let go of it now.

“With my new dress and mobile phone I’m all set.”

She absolutely loved the toys and will even try to take them from Logan when he plays with them. She knows what is hers.

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