Pics from Last Month

Taking pictures of the kids sitting together, looking the same direction, is never easy.

I usually end up with 20 pics that look like this before I get the one you see above.

I barely get them seated and move myself back, before they jump up and decide to run away, or run at the camera.

Here is Logan visiting the calf at the end of our street. Logan has no fear of animals, which can be both good and bad. He will walk up to the calf, and not just pet it but also kiss it (yuck, gross). It’s very dirty and always has doo-doo all over it. I don’t let him kiss it; he does it before I can stop him.

I was giving Logan a bath and had left Lila to play on her own. Usually she will cry and want to join us, but this time she was occupied. I came out to check on her and this is what I found.

Lila is now officially walking. She will walk anywhere and everywhere. It’s too cute.

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