It’s Happening…

What is? Well, Logan is slowly starting to talk more. Just this past week he added “mommy”, “daddy”, and “me” to his vocabulary. He only used to say “mama” and “dada” but now says them correctly, though he stretches the ee sound at the end and it comes out like “mommeeeee” with a cheesy grin attached. It’s too cute.

Any time he hears the word “I” or I recite the alphabet and he hears the letter i, he immediately pinches both eyelids. It looks painful.

He has started saying more of the letters now. He can read all of them by sight but can’t say all of their names yet; he can say the sounds for most of them. His favorite letter is B and he points it out everywhere, on signs, license plates, in books, if there is a capital B, he will find it. He also knows a, o (which he calls woe), w (he calls it wow), and c. He can’t say the sss sound very well so he calls c “sssss eeee” as if it is two separate sounds. It’s so cute.

A conversation with him these days mostly consists of him reciting all the animal sounds he knows and expecting you to say the animal names. The other day he got me to sing “Old Macdonald” by clapping his hands (meaning he wants you to sing) and saying animal sounds. He would say the sound of the next animal he wanted me to sing about. Then he cries when I run out of animals and I have to use wild animals and change the song to “Old Macdonald’s Zoo”. I don’t think I’ve ever known a kid so crazy about animals.

I’m happy I started teaching him the alphabet and letter sounds early. I think he could read books if only he could say the words, but at the rate he is going it won’t be long now. He can also say “baby” instead of “baba” though he uses both interchangably, and he says “Lila” properly too, but sometimes reverts to calling her “Yiya”. He still can’t say his own name though.

Up until now I have always used the buzzer to cut his hair. It was quick and easy and didn’t matter if he moved; it always came out even. But now we decided we wanted his hair to be a little longer and look like it had a proper cut. Well, I can’t do that and I was hesitant to take him to a barber because I knew he wouldn’t hold still and would probably cry like he always did when I cut his hair.
I finally decided to take him to the place where I get my hair cut since they would be more familiar with cutting children’s hair. (Here, men and women have separate hair salons, and most women’s places also cut children’s hair, but the men’s places don’t.) Of course when we walked in we made a sensation. The girls were all over Lila and gave her crackers. When it was Logan’s turn, it took two people to distract him with books and lots of talk, while a third did the actual cutting. She must have lots of practise, because there were times when he did turn his head to look at me but she didn’t miss a beat. He did move around but didn’t cry once. I was happy for that.

“Someday it will be my turn.”

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  1. Thats good! Sonny was a bit later then him, since he couldnt pronounce thigns without his tounge reaching the roof of his mouth, but he is normal now when he talks. Brian was an early one, and Jacen even earlier he talks really well, so I guess it always differs. – Anaik


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