Grass, Trees and Fresh Air

One of my best childhood memories is outdoor play. I especially loved going to parks with lots of trees, rolling down grassy hills, picnics, tree-climbing, and just enjoying the great outdoors. I loved playgrounds with huge swings, where we would try to “swing up to the sky”. I also loved going on hikes through grassy areas, crossing streams and pretending to be adventurers. Just being surrounded by nature was enjoyable.
Sadly, that kind of wild nature that I enjoyed as a child in Canada and parts of Mexico aren’t to be found in the city here in India. (You can find beautiful rural areas though. I’ve visited a few and have seen wild elephants and such. Hopefully one day I can take the kids to these places.) I always try to find a park for the kids to play in, and thankfully we have one not too far away. To get to it we have to walk through a rather poor neighborhood, one with garbage on the ground and farm animals walking around (the kids love that part). But we don’t mind it and can get to this park in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how fast Logan walks, of course.
One thing I like about this park is that we can go on the grass. Many parks here don’t permit you to play on the grass and keep it fenced off, but this park is different. I want my children to experience the fun of grass play so I’m thankful for this place.

On our way out. Doesn’t she look so much like a toddler here?

I bought her her own ball so that she doesn’t have to grab Logan’s and cause tears and trauma.

Near this park is a sports complex that also has some grassy spots. we don’t go there too often, but I took them yesterday. Here are some pics.

I love how the light fell in this one.

Logan checking out the roller rink.

Update: After posting this I took the kids to the above park to play. We found a better patch of grass to play on, one that was greener and shorter. Some other children Logan’s age joined us and used the balls. Logan didn’t mind them using his…just so long as they didn’t use Lila’s because he wanted it. Ha. If only daddy knew he prefers to play with the pink Disney princesses ball instead of his red “Cars” ball. Sorry, no pics. I forgot the camera. Next time.

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  2. Lila looks like a little angel. So beautiful. Logan too. Wish we could be there to play with them, like the other grand kids here. Hey, I'd like to see exactly where you guys live on google maps. Would be nice.Anyway, love you guys a lot.

  3. You mean our house? Or just the city? šŸ™‚ Just look up Chennai. It's one of the largest cities in India so you won't be able to miss it. šŸ™‚


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