The Same…Yet Different

I’ve been thinking about ways in which my children are similar and ways in which they are different. We all know that no two children are the same, but both kids like many of the same things so I wanted to list a few here.

– They both like the song “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Logan has loved it since he was born. It would quiet him like no other song could. Since I would already sing it for him, Lila heard it a lot when she was born, and now they are both “Twinkle” addicts. Ha. No matter what, if you need to calm them down, comfort them, distract or entertain them, this is the song to use. At night, daddy will put the song on for them to listen to. As soon as the music starts, they both perk up and go sit on his lap to “watch” the song on the computer. Logan calls it “upabub” and repeats that part of the song. Lila claps her hands while listening.

-They both like sitting on daddy’s lap before bed, watching powerpoint songs. If he starts without her, Lila will fuss if I’m nursing her, or she will crawl over and ask to be picked up so that she can join them.

-They both LOVE dogs. I’m not sure if Lila’s passion for them stems from Logan getting excited over them or not, but the love is mutual. They both perk up when they see a dog. Lila will now say “da” when she sees a dog and Logan will start barking, ha.

-They both like being carried. Yes, Logan still asks to be carried at times, though I don’t carry him around the house. I think he just enjoys the cuddle time and feeling that he has mommy to himself. Lila will also ask to be carried but is generally content to be down.

-They both enjoy rough and tumble with daddy. Lila will cry if she can’t get up on the bed to join in. And Logan and daddy do get rough. They push and climb and tickle and knock each other over (ok, so daddy does most of this to Logan, except the climbing part). Lila will stay on the bed with them, wanting to be in the thick of it and laughing the whole time.

-They both want to kiss daddy before he leaves. If he kisses one, the other comes or calls him for a kiss too. They both really love daddy.

Are you starting to get the idea? Now lets see some ways in which they are different:

-Logan likes fruit; Lila will only eat apples.

-Logan loves sweet stuff; Lila will hardly touch it, prefering plain or salty things.

-Logan didn’t crawl until he was 11 months old; Lila crawled at 6 months.

-Logan didn’t stand by himself until he was 13 months old; Lila stood alone at 8 months.

-Logan took his first steps at 14 months; Lila took her first steps at 9 months.

-Logan walked well by 16 months; Lila…well, she is still working on that one. 🙂

So you can see, there are ways in which they are the same, yet many ways in which they are different. But they are both my babies! XXXX Love you, my babies.

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  1. Here's another way in which they are alike: they're both ADORABLE!! Sooo cute!! Thanks for sharing these!!

  2. Thank you! I happen to agree with you. 🙂

  3. They are both just precious!!!! It's amazing how different siblings can be, isn't it? My sister and I recall our childhoods so differently, even though we both grew up in the same house with the same parents. My kids are wild about Daddy too! In a way, it makes my heart ache when I spend all day with them doing fun stuff but the minute he walks in the door from work, they run to him and jump all over him!

  4. I know how it feels. Daddy is the one they go to for fun. Isn't there a saying that says "Daddy means fun; Mommy means business"? But when it comes down to it, we are their greatest teachers.


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