My Thoughts on India, Part 2

Ok, so last time we talked about the traffic here and why I never want to learn to drive here. My dad posted a comment that gave me an idea for my next India post. Here is the part that gave me the idea, and I quote:

“If I lived in India, I would have a good dirt bike, so I could sip up on the sidewalks and get around all the traffic.”

Well, that made me laugh, cause the only thing worse than the state of the roads is the state of the sidewalks, or in some cases the lack thereof.

This is a street near ours that Logan likes to visit. Can you see why?

All that stuff there isn’t junk. It belongs to the shack that it is next to (that I didn’t take a pic of). This is a common sight in the poorer areas. And as you can see, no sidewalk.

Unlike in the West, sidewalks here are not used for pedestrians. Have a look. This was taken in a fairly good neighborhood with nice houses. No sidewalk.

Here again, no sidewalk. This is the street in front of our building. Those two baby cows live down the street and Logan wants to visit them every day.

Now I am going to show you some streets that do have sidewalks but that are useless, to me at least. See, I always have my kids in tow, holding one by the hand and pushing the stroller with the other. If I come to a sidewalk like this with the stroller, I don’t bother to use it. We actually walk in the street 99% of the time.

Most sidewalks look like this.

Now here is a “good” sidewalk, but tell me how I am supposed to get the stroller around the lamp post that is stuck right in the middle of it?

Here again a perfectly good sidewalk with trees taking up most of the space. Sometimes there are big trees and the roots have grown out so much that the cement is broken.

This is a main road sidewalk. I only used it because it was rush hour and there was so much traffic that I couldn’t have walked on the road if I had wanted to. See Lila sleeping in the stroller? Logan wasn’t with me that day.

I could go on but I think you get the picture of what the sidewalk condition is like here. Good usable sidewalks are rare; many times they are hard to access as they will be high and I would have to pick the stroller up to put it on, then put Logan up, only to have to get down a short distance later.

And even though most main roads do have sidewalks, they are full of trees, vendors, cars, motorcycles, people sleeping, dogs, garbage and more that it is easier to use the road. So, Dad, now you see why you couldn’t get a dirt bike up on the sidewalk?

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  1. I guess you guys will just have to get an elephant. I would assume most people would get out of your way. But still, the idea of a dirt bike would still work. You could go in between all the cars & what not.

  2. You could…if the other bikes would let you. Elephant, well, hmm…no, don't think I'd want to. Too slow.


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