My Hormones are Crying for Chocolate

Warning: If you are a man, you may want to stop reading right here as this post gets into things that most men are afraid of. Oh, you think you’re bold enough to read on? Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

PMS – what can I say about it? It hits the best of us the hardest and we turn into someone we are not. I usually know it is starting when I get upset easily, usually at things Logan does that don’t normally bother me. I may also get upset at Glad and wonder why he is lecturing me about things I don’t really want an answer to. You know, you just want some sympathy and your man starts providing solutions to omething that isn’t even a problem. I will say something to him, not realizing that I am just after a listening ear. After I sit through his solution, it clicks “All I wanted was to have someone listen but I got the wrong person”. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great guy and has some amazing solutions when you need them, but during PMS is not the time to give them to me.

And then there are the cravings. I’m still trying to get rid of those stubborn last few kilos of pregnancy fat, and the thing I crave the most at this time is chocolate. I just HAVE to have it. I’m sure you know the feeling. I eat more chocolate at this time than any other time. If I don’t have any around, I will eat any sweet I can get my hands on. So much for the weight loss.

Top it all off with being extra tired, not getting enough sleep, waking up with both kids in my bed … I’ll leave you to imagine what happens to me.

Well, at least I know what the symptoms are so I can do my best to control myself. I know that I don’t have to let my hormones control me – and when it comes to my mood I can control it, but the chocolate always wins. Actually, I find that I calm down after having some. I think chocolate does have soothing properties; it just isn’t good for the waistline. Ahem.

On another note, I don’t know if this has anything to do with PMS or not, but I just wanted to go shopping today. I never have much to spend on myself as we budget our money carefully to make sure the important things are covered. It’s good we do, or I’d spend it all on unnecessary stuff that “looks so nice” and “the kids will use it” but then they don’t and so on.

I decided to go to a nearby shoe store that was having a sale of up to 60% off. Can’t miss that, and I did need some white sandals for our up and coming vacation. So I took Lila in the stroller and away we went. Usually when sales like this are on, it is only on the last few pairs of some model and they are never my size. I wear a size 10 or 41 by Indian standard. Most women here wear something between a 4 and a 7 so my size is hard to come by in most shops. By a miracle, the brand that had the biggest discount also had a good selection of sizes and I was able to get not one, but two pairs of white sandals in my size, upping my shoe purchase for the month to 4 pairs. Yikes! I’ve never bought 4 pairs of shoes in one month. But I guess now I won’t need any for some time to come.

And guess how much I paid for them? Rs. 295 a pair. That comes to a rough equivilant of 6 USD each. One pair was orginally Rs. 395 and the other was Rs. 695. I think I got a very good deal.

You wanna see them? Ok, ok. Be patient.

Casual yet nice.


The other two I got this month.

For the beach.

Black formals.

No, I didn’t buy these this month, but this is so you can see that I don’t only use black and white.

Aside from these I have a pair of black casual sandals, grey tennis shoes, brown sandals for in the house, and a pair of pink and grey sports sandals for walks with the kids. They are comfy, dispite being a little too casual for my liking.

Why am I writing a post about my shoes? I must really be suffering from PMS something or other and my brain is out of order. So, ladies, (I know I lost any men who attempted to read this a long time ago) tell me, what happens to you when it’s “that time of the month”? What helps you make it without going crazy? What things do you crave?

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  1. Carbs! Lots and Lots of Carbs! I cannot stand it when this "time" hits. I want to eat cereal, crackers, noodles, bread, bagels, waffles…get the picture? Naps help me…this might be difficult for you because of the little ones. I also will watch movies that are only funny. I feel for you, girl. There's a a great song by Mary J. Blige. I think it's called Roses. She sums it up best in her song. My daughter(yes, poor thing…old enough for ladies days)will listen to this song when she needs to keep herself from losing it. She almost 13 going on 45.

  2. Love ur sandals Mercy, esp the casual ones n the last pair(brown ones)..whatz ur size??


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