Redecorating the House

As a busy mother, do you have times when you have to leave your children to entertain themselves while you get some work done? For me today, it was lunch. Logan decided he was hungry an hour before he normally eats, so I told him he could color while I made some food. I gave him the crayons and his coloring book and he sat on my bed to color. He loves coloring so I knew he would stay out of trouble …(reality check: toddlers can’t be trusted to stay out of trouble). Anyway.
I went to the kitchen and put Lila in the highchair with some food to keep her quiet so I could work. I got into putting the dishes away and tidying up since I can’t work in a mess. I decided to make instant tomato soup with some leftover noodles and cheese sandwiches. Simple and fast, right? I’ll be done soon. Or so I thought.
After working for a while and totally forgetting about Logan, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t checked on him in a while. It had been at least half an hour. So I snuck into the room and peeked around the corner to see why he was so quiet. That coloring had kept him busy for sure. Look carefully. Can you see the floresent orange on the wall?

I tried hard to keep a straight face as I told him that walls were not for coloring on. So far he has never tried it so I never told him it was wrong. I don’t think it’s good to put ideas in a child’s head; they have enough of their own. He has colored on the floor lots of times but never on the wall.
I took a picture and left the room, after asking him to pick up the crayons and bring them to me. I had to see to the food so I forgot about him – bad move on my part. I can’t believe I’m forgetting motherhood lesson 101 – never leave your toddler alone or they will do what you don’t want them to.
I finished the lunch and served it and went to get Logan. And what do you suppose I found him doing? That’s right. He was adding the finishing touches to his masterpiece.

I had to try so hard to keep from laughing because I know that if he thinks I like what he’s done he’ll do it again, but at the same time I know it’s not really his fault. I should have taken the crayons and put them away. The look on his face as I calmly told him walls aren’t for drawing on and that I’d have to wash it was one of “why, mommy?” I could see that he was happy with his picture, which is why I photographed it. One day I can show it to him and remind him of his first mural. I couldn’t get mad at him because he didn’t know it was wrong and he enjoyed having so much space to draw on.
Now I’ll see if this Indian “washable paint” is truly washable. Actually, I don’t think I will be able to wash it off. We may have to paint it again. Here, “washable paint” means it will wash off the wall if it gets wet. Ha. I know cause I’ve tried before.

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  1. I might sound a bit out of order saying this, but I think it looks quite good! You could always paint an oblong around it and turn it into a headboard for your bed!Have you thought about that matt black, blackboard paint? There he could chalk away until his hearts delight, and it is pretty cheap for a small can, and it can just be wiped clean.

  2. I've considered that. Maybe when my kids move into their own room I could make one wall a blackboard. It's a good idea.

  3. I'm sorry for laughing but I've also learned that lesson the hard way. In fact, I wrote a post about it awhile back. Whenever the kids are in quiet and not in view, I can almost guarantee they're doing something they should be doing.For Christmas, we got our kids those window markers…they can use them to draw/color on the windows and it washes right off. It's the best thing I've ever bought them!


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