This Week …

– I came down with a cold. I hate being sick.

– I had 7 extra people in the house. The daughter of some friends was hospitalized last week due to tetanus, so we took the rest of their kids in our house since we live close to the hospital. Otherwise they’d have to travel an hour each way every day. At least they were here off and on and not all week.

– I discovered that I have 2 new followers, bringing my list up to 5. Not that I’m out to have hundreds of followers like some people do, but knowing that there are a few who like my blog enough to follow it makes me happy. Thanks guys.

– I remembered that I never posted our Christmas family photos. I had waited to post them since I wanted to surprise our relatives with copies in their Christmas cards. Thanks to my husband putting them on facebook, not everyone was surprised but some were. Here they are for the rest of you.

Lila wasn’t smiling like usual because it was past her naptime and I was keeping her awake to get the photos done.

– I spent the day at the mall with the kids while our apartment was being fumigated for termites. Here are some pics from that day.

Logan going for the “cool dude” look. He likes this shirt because there is a motorcycle on it, and the jeans say Harley Davidson on them. Maybe he’ll grow up to be a biker. (Mommy groans)

Lunch at McDonalds.

Naptime in the cafe. I was able to sit for a while with my capuchino while the kids slept. I was wishing I had brought a book to read.

Snacktime after nap.

McDonalds toys are a hit. This is Optimus Prime. Logan doesn’t know anything about transformers but he loved the toy anyway.


We stopped at the park again in the afternoon and finally got home (to start cleaning) around 6:30.

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  1. Loved your photos! Your two children are such little cuties!

  2. Get well soon sweetheart !!!

  3. Hope I will. Lila has it now, and it looks like the boys will be down with it before long.


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