Growing Too Quickly

Do you ever stop and suddenly realize, “Hey, when did my kid grow so much? Where was I?” This has happened to me recently.

Logan is no longer the tiny baby he was,

nor the wobbley 1-year-old (with messy hair).

He is a full-grown toddler with a mind and will of his own. He hasn’t learned patience yet. If he askes for something and doesn’t get it that minute, or if I say, “First let’s…”, he’ll cry instantly, thinking that the answer is no. I always have to calm him down and explain what I want him to do first, then he will usually go along with it happily. And when the answer is no, I have to do some quick thinking to curb the tantrum that I know will come.

One of the best things about babies and toddlers is that they are easily distractable. I use this to my advantage many times a day and it saves many tears.

Logan isn’t the only one growing up.

Little princess isn’t so little any more.

Miss Curiosity busy at work. (She crawled over the ledge in the kitchen where the washer is to get into a tub of sweet limes.)

Lila is definitely trying to show me who is boss, and I am having to prove to her that she is not. She will arch her back and scream if she doesn’t get what she wants. Remember that she is barely 9 months old. I thought this kind of thing didn’t happen until later. She already knows how to throw a tantrum. Last night I had Logan in the tub. She loves the tub, the water, the ducks, and will crawl directly to the tub regardless of the condition of the floor, which at that time was covered in water. So I picked her up and stuck her in her crib to keep her contained while I washed Logan, and did she ever scream. She made such a huge fuss. She was so angry that I didn’t put her in the tub too, and she didn’t stop until I finally got her in the tub. Then she smiled real big and splashed happily until she was clean.
She is very inteligent in other ways too. She has started feeding herself finger foods, such as bread and crackers. She will let go of what she is holding on to and stand on her own while playing. I can move her from somewhere and within seconds she will be back. She crawls at high speed. She bites on purpose sometimes when she is finished nursing. She is constantly jabbering about something.

My babies aren’t calm little babies any more. They are growing faster every day, too fast for my liking. Can’t you two slow down?

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