Q. What could be cuter than two little bubs in the tub?

A. Two little bubs in new pajamas!

There is just something so adorable about kids in pajamas, don’t you think? They look cute and cuddly, and somehow, pajamas are relaxing. Just thinking about their bedtime and what it will be like once they are asleep is enough to get me started winding down … unless one or both of them are making a big, huge, noisy fuss.

Lila had been in the tub already and Logan decided he wanted to join her, so I had to take some pictures. Can use them for blackmail when they are older, hehehe. This tub is quite small so they don’t both fit comfortably and usually bathe separately, but I couldn’t say no to this.

The pajamas are new. At least once a year new pajamas are a must; when they get outgrown, it’s time to move on. I got Lila another pair too but don’t have a pic of it. And if you are wondering why I dress them in warm long-sleeved pajamas in the heat we have here, just remember that we sleep with the air conditioner on and the kids don’t keep their blankets on.

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  1. Such beautiful pictures of everyone. Thanks for the Christmas card & the picture. Your blog really makes me want to visit. We love you guys and are praying for your health & happiness. Love you all. Dad

  2. Long time no hear from you. We'd love to have a visit from any who wish to come. Sorry the trip would be so long but it would be worth it. You are all welcome any time.


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