Pics from Mangalore Trip

Life has been so hectic lately; I’ve hardly had time to stop and do anything – hence the silence on this blog. Ever since we got back from Mangalore it has been go, go, go. Only today was I (finally!) able to get my pics sorted out. See, I like things to be neat and in order. I can’t stand things haphazardly thrown together, including my computer files. Everything has its folder and the pics are numbered so that they always come up in the correct order. So once a month I put all the pics I have taken that month in a folder with the month and year on it. Then I rename each pic with the month and a number beginning with 001. Then, to top it off, I copy the folder onto a CD that only has pics on it. Only then do I delete what is on the camera. The worst thing I can think of would be losing all the pics of my kids if my computer was to crash. (It did that not long ago and I was so happy I had my pics backed up.) So if you aren’t in the habit of backing up your pics, now would be a good time to start.

So after that long intro, here goes.

Due to booking our tickets late, we got the slow train, the one that literally stopped at every station along the way. It took 24 hours to get to Mangalore. We left at 10 p.m. and put the kids to bed. Train beds are very narrow so it wasn’t easy sleeping with them. Lila woke up a lot because she was uncomfortable, and she finally woke me early before Logan and daddy got up.

Thankfully by then the passengers who had been in the bunks near us had all gotten off so we had two rows of seats all to ourselves. This suitcase was full of snacks and activities, plus blankets for the kids and extras like diapers, etc. That large black bag is my diaper bag.

Here is Logan coloring. He finished the whole book on the train.

Lila keeping busy.

Yes, it’s a lot of books, but we had a lot of time to kill and I had to keep him happy.

This was in the morning when they were rested.

Notice that I didn’t take any pics the rest of the day. I ended up with a splitting headache due to lack of sleep and coffee, and had to dig into the very large suitcase for some Crosin. The train was full and the floors were dirty, so I couldn’t let Logan run around like he wanted to, nor could I let Lila crawl around like she wanted to. It wasn’t easy keeping them in their seats for so long. Something that helped was when I would take Logan to the toilet, we would stay a while to look out the doors of the train and see the countryside passing by. The worst part was there were roaches running around everywhere. While it is not unusual to see them on a train, there were too many on this one. Glad said that it was probably this particular train that was infested. The train home hardly had any.

We finally made it. Here is Lila checking herself out in the mirror in daddy’s old room the next morning. When we visit we stay in Glad’s room where his mom still has clothes of his. I discovered that he usually hardly packs for himself and just uses the clothes that are stored. Most of what I packed for him he didn’t touch.

Logan exploring the room.

After that difficult trip, tiredness set in. I’m not sure why he decided to sleep here when there was a nice big bed in the next room, but he did sleep deeply.

That evening the kids got to meet some of their cousins, Karishma and … uh, oh, I’ve forgotten her sisters’ name. (Arrg, I don’t like forgetting names. Someone help me out here and tell me her name!) They all spent some time playing together but I didn’t get very good pics of it. Sorry.

Lila discovered how much fun it was to get into nana’s bookshelf.

Modeling the skirt she got from her aunty Glancia.

Glancia and Lila.

A few nice group shots.

Another new dress from aunty Glancia. Lila is all set for the summer with her adorable new clothes.

Watching his favorite video “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” while sick. Logan came down with a fever while there. At first, I was wondering if he had some sickness, but then discovered it was only teething. Ever since he got his first tooth, he has always gotten at least a 24 hour fever when teething. I discovered that he had 3 molars breaking through at the same time. This is the end of his baby teeth; now he has them all.

Nana has fun balconies. You can sit on the bars and see the vehicles passing by under you.

The train ride home. We were able to get the faster train, so it only took 16 hours to get home.

I hope our next train trip is not any time soon.

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  1. 'Sanjana'is the name.Very cute pics of the family.I miss mangalore…:(..Good to see lila all in glee…

  2. Thank you. I'll have to write it down so I don't forget.


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