I’m back! Did you miss me? Good, cause I’ve got lots of stuff for you.
We actually came back on Tuesday afternoon but I am only now getting the time to sit and write. We had a fun visit to Glad’s mom. I’ll put details of the visit in my next post after I get the pics sorted out.

Yesterday as I was taking the Christmas decorations down, I discovered one of life’s little mysteries – why is it that the tree that fits perfectly in the box when you buy it, that slim rectangle box, never fits when you want to put it back??? I don’t know how many times this tree has been used, but I had to fight with it to get it back in. The box is covered in packing tape and is falling apart in places and would probably be happier in the garbage dump, but the tree has to be stored so back in the box it goes. I had to sit on it and squeeze it with my legs to get it closed, then I wrapped the tape around the box in one continuous strip. The tree is now mummified and will remain so until next December. Lets hope by next year the tree will have shrunk a little so that it will fit next time it has to be packed.

What else is new? Well, Lila is standing so well. She prefers to stand when being put down. She is also now totally crazy about eating solids. I found that she doesn’t like “baby food”, things like yoghurt and banana (which Logan loved). She prefers meat, small pieces mashed with my fingers. At nana’s house, she ate mutton, fish, chicken, rice, and any veggie I could mash. I don’t make special food for her, mainly because the quantity she eats at a time is about a tablespoon, and she is perfectly happy with table food. I just make sure to rinse the meat if it is in a spicy sauce, but I haven’t totally shied away from giving her mild spice. Last night Glad made a dish with kidney beans and lots of different veggies, served over rice. When he cooks, there will be spices of some sort, including fresh chilies. That particular dish was mild so I mashed up a bit of everything and she loved it. At every meal now I just mash a tiny bit of what we are eating and she hasn’t had a problem with anything. She also likes sweets and had cookies and fruitcake over Christmas. This morning she ate french toast. I can’t keep up with all the new foods she is willing to try. But she still won’t touch banana and yoghurt. (Just so you know, she is still primarily breastfeeding and I plan to keep it up for at least another 6 months or so.)

Until my pics are sorted out, here are some from my sister. She gave me permission to post pics of her kids, so here they are.

Aren’t they adorable? (Sonny, Jacen, Keith holding Michelle, and Brian.)

Anaik and Michelle. Michelle is exactly one week older than Lila. (Hey, Anaik, Michelle looks just like you here – the hair color and the eyes especially.)

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  1. They are adorable! So cute.Your so luck that she likes "regular" food. Makes life so much easier than hauling around or making baby food.

  2. Oh yes, making baby food can be tough and takes time that I don't have right now. I'm happy that she likes regular food.


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