I’ve made it to my 100th post this year…

…and it is also my last for the year, because tonight we are traveling to Mangalore to visit Glad’s mom. We booked our tickets late so are getting the slow train that takes 24 hours. Do you feel sorry for me yet? I’m gonna be on the train with my kids for 24 hours!!! Better bring lots of things for Logan to do. We will be there for 5 days plus two days of travel so will be gone a total of 7 days. Don’t expect to hear from me until I get back. There is no internet in the house we will be staying in and I won’t go out to use it (since I’d have to take the kids along and I can’t post with Lila crying in the stroller (oh dear, I won’t have that with me either) and Logan running around playing with all the computers in the internet cafe).
But I do promise to update you on everything when we get back. Now I’m off to pack. Gotta get it done since we are leaving in a few hours. Just taking a chance to type this while the kids nap.

And I’ll leave you with the pic you’ve been waiting for – Lila standing by herself.

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  1. Congrats on making it to 100 posts last year. That's very impressive in my book.


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