Christmas Day

Lila had just woken up so she was groggy.

When he saw the gifts that morning, he thought they were new decorations. He picked up a few, then left them and went to play with his puzzle, not realizing that he would get to open them soon.
He played with the gifts until I showed him how to open them.

He loved the sticker picture dictionary.

Lila got a stacking ring set.

Trying out the lego. Lila is chewing on Logan’s milk cup.

He decided he liked Lila’s gift better than his.

She loved it too.

He loves Winnie the Pooh. (No, he didn’t make it. I did. He has yet to learn how to make this kind of puzzle. He was taking it apart here.)

Glad’s gift from me. It has the Superman logo on the front.

What can I say? This is the man I live with.

Lila waking Logan after his nap.

Guess he wasn’t too pleased.

Christmas monkeys in real stockings.

The fruitcakes I made to give to our friends.


and after.

I should have taken one of them all wrapped up in paper and ribbon.

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