Outing to the Mall and Buying My Own Gift

Today I decided I had enough of being in the house. I needed to get out. Problem is, I can only get out with my tag-alongs, so I decided to take them to the mall. At least there I can get something done and I don’t have to contend with traffic, at least not while inside. The walk there only takes me about 10 minutes (brisk walk) but at Logan’s snail pace it takes a good 30 minutes.

Today he spent most of the walk there tripping. I don’t know if I’ve told you but Logan trips all the time, generally over nothing. He can be slowly walking along and will suddenly trip over his own feet. He falls hard when he falls. You hear a loud “thud” and then the crying. While walking, I usually hold his hand tight so that when he does trip, I can catch him and pull him up before he hits the ground. But I am also pushing the stroller on uneven, potholed roads so one arm is constantly being yanked by him and the other by the stroller. My arms do get a good workout but it is difficult. But I still don’t know why he trips so much. I try to get him to look ahead, lift his feet properly (he sometimes walks on his toes) but nothing seems to work. He falls more than the average toddler. In the house he will trip over nothing. He will be in his bare feet, slowly walking, and will suddenly fall. There is nothing there, yet he falls. I just don’t see how it happens.

Anyway, back to today. We got to the mall and first checked out the decorations. I have to say I have yet to see a nicely decorated tree. All the ones I saw were poorly done. I could make a fortune charging shops to decorate their tree for them.

Then we went into one shop so I could find a belt (to hold up my jeans that are now falling down – I take that as a good sign), and I also had to find a gift for myself from Glad.

Yes, you heard me right, I had to buy my own Christmas gift from my husband. Well, you know how much he hates shopping. I told him I would help him to get gifts for everyone else, but I tried to convince him to buy me something. I even offered to tell him what I would like and where to find it. I told him I want a surprise; that’s why I want him to get me something. Nothing would make him try. He hates shopping that much. So I gave up and bought my own gift. I wanted a silver chain as my last one got ruined by first getting broken, then being repaired by a jeweler who did a bad job so that it looked bad. I couldn’t wear it any more so I decided I needed a new one. The shop where I got the belt had a jewelry counter so I was able to get a nice chain there for a decent price.

Then I took the kids upstairs to the toy department. They had a santa and some other attractions but all too advanced for Logan. He doesn’t know who santa is but ran to him anyway to shake his hand and get a candy. He doesn’t eat candies so always gives them to me or drops them on the floor, but I’m ok with that. I don’t want him to get used to that at this young age.

We played with the toys for a while and he kissed all the stuffed toys he liked, then we walked around the mall a little so I could check it out. By then it was lunch time so we went to McDonald’s again. This is the second time we have gone since it opened. I won’t make a habit of it as it isn’t cheap, but sometimes I think it’s ok, and Logan loves fries. Today I gave Lila one to keep her quiet while we ate and it worked.

By then Logan was showing signs of needing to sleep so we walked home. The walk home took about 40 minutes due to his tiredness. But since we got home late I only let him have a short nap so that he will sleep tonight. He is fussy when I do that, but I prefer a little fuss to a boy who won’t sleep until midnight. Lila took her second nap a while after that and I was able to give him some attention and that helped.

Right now he is playing rough and tumble with daddy, his favorite game. And Lila has been fussing and is on my lap disturbing me. She is trying to type too. I’d better get off.

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