Christmas Shopping

I finished wrapping all my gifts today. When it comes to Christmas, I love giving gifts, and my only limit is the size of my wallet. Now that I have children, it is fun to shop for them. It’s a good thing that I don’t have as much money as I’d like ’cause then my kids would have too much stuff. Sometimes I see something that is cute and I’d like to buy it for them, even if I’m sure they’d never use it. But because I can’t do that, I am forced to think about if what I am buying is needed or not.

This year I got 3 gifts for Logan and 1 for Lila. I find that small kids are usually happy with one gift and often don’t even want another once they start playing with that one. Also, they are too young to get into the “he got more than me” banter that you hear with older kids. Last year I didn’t even have a gift for Logan when we all opened gifts and you know what? He didn’t even notice. He just had fun playing with all the wrapping. (In my defense, I had been sick so I didn’t do my regular shopping. Can I count being pregnant as an excuse too?) I did get him a gift a few days later, but it was for my benefit, not his. I also know that others will give them gifts so I figure they will end up with enough stuff in the end and won’t even realize it. I, on the other hand, will have more toys to pick up and stuff to find a place for, and will wish I had not bought anything.

I’ve done almost all my gift shopping with Logan in tow, including his gifts. One of the beauties of shopping with toddlers is you can shop for them and even have them pick what they would like. (He picked all his gifts.) By the time you get home, they will have forgotten what you got and when you give it to them later it will still be a surprise. I decided to wrap the gifts today and about halfway through, Logan decided to watch me wrap his gifts. Ha. I think this is the only year I will be able to get away with that. Next year I will have to hide them for sure.

Now, lest you think all I have on my mind is Christmas and gifts, here are some pics of my bathing beauty. These are the first pics I’ve taken of her in the tub. She was having so much fun. She gets excited when she sees the water, the toys, etc. that she screams with delight and kicks until I put her in the water. Then she tries to eat the toys and stand up in the tub. She didn’t sit still the entire time. She was wiggling back and forth, stirring up the water, splashing, and playing and enjoyed every minute of it.

I bought her the rubber duck the other day when I was out with her. I picked it up in the shop and she got so excited at seeing it, crying when I put it down, that I had to get it for her. Logan likes it too. It has 3 little ducklings that sit on its back but I don’t give them to Lila as they are the perfect size to fit in her mouth and she still eats EVERYTHING! She even ate Logan’s cookie crumbs off the floor today.

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