Christmas Party

Well I missed a post but I’m not going to worry about it. I had a goal of one post a day until Christmas but yesterday passed me by so quickly that I missed it completely.

Yesterday we took the children to a Christmas party some friends were hosting for children. There wasn’t much for them to do as they were the youngest there and the games were over their heads, but they still had fun. I made my now-popular chocolate cake and decorated it like a gift. (Uh-oh, I forgot to take a picture of it.)

Lila spent most of her time crawling around and finding any dirt that was missed, and Logan clung to me until he warmed up to the other kids and started playing with them. Each of the kids got a toy when they left and Lila has been chewing on hers all morning. (Well, it is a teether, so…)

Just a few minutes ago I was sitting here and I forgot she was playing in the room. (Yeah, it’s a gift I have. I can block out the noise of a child playing while I work.) Logan is asleep but Lila is on a different nap schedule so she is playing. But after a while I noticed she was too quiet. My glance around the room showed she was on the floor under the table (at my feet, mind you) and was eating some paper from the trash can. I usually move it when she is on the floor but this time I forgot. She never likes it when I take it away from her. She cries this mad cry until I give her something else. Such are the joys of exploring babies.

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