Lila is Growing Up


Lila seems to be on fast forward speed lately. At only 7 months old, she is doing things that I have not seen a baby so young do ever. For example, her favorite thing to do is stand up. She will stand anywhere as long as there is something to hold on to. She will even hold on to the rocking horse or the walker and can steady herself. She does fall a fair amount but is getting better by the day.

She can crawl very well, and loves to get into the garbage can. If I leave it on the floor of the room, I can be sure to find her in it. She wants to play with Logan and will try to join in on what he is doing. He gets upset because she grabs his toys and eats them. If she gets into something that isn’t for her or I have to take something away she dissolves into a puddle of tears and loud crying and I have to quickly find something to distract her with. She is so curious and inquisitive; her playtime really is learning time.

The best new thing is that she can say “ma-ma”. She says it with real understanding; she knows she is calling me and loves to get my attention, though most of the time she will only say it when she is sad, hurt, or tired.

Her babyhood seems to be speeding by. Logan seemed to be a baby for much longer, but that could have been due to his not crawling until 11 months or walking until 15 months. It feels like only yesterday that Lila was a tiny baby who would just lie there, and now she is a dirt-finding, garbage-eating, drool machine. πŸ™‚ Ha. But even though she does those things, one look at her huge smile is enough to melt my heart.

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  1. Honestly, that's a thing suitable for research of why the second (more so if its a girl)baby grows up so fast that we find it difficult to remember her being a baby at all. The same thing happened with us. Our Lil Princess is so adept and independent she is a marvel. God Bless Little Girls πŸ™‚


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