It’s Bedtime

It’s almost midnight. Both kids went to sleep around 10 p.m. and both have woken up twice already. This is the only time I get to write. I’m tired. I was in the main city market all day, shopping for food and stuff for the house. Lila was in the carrier. She is so heavy now. My shoulders are sore from carrying her for so many hours. I know I’ll drop just as soon as I lie down.

Yet I need time to unwind before I get into bed. And since we only have one computer, Glad and I have to share it. It’s “first come, first serve” with the laptop. Whoever gets it can use it. Glad was using it, watching a movie. Then he went to shower and I did what I wanted. Since I wasn’t finished when he came out, he laid down to wait and in minutes was asleep. So the computer was mine. But it is so late and I have to get up tomorrow. I have to get up when the kids do, day or night. I don’t get enough sleep.

Logan was moving into our bed several times a night. It was getting bothersome to not be comfortable in bed but we didn’t know how to keep him in his bed. Last night I put the removable bars on the bed so Lila could play there and then left them there when Logan went to sleep. And you know, it worked. He stayed in his bed all night, simply because he couldn’t get out.

This is how he sleeps when the bars are out, and of course he can escape.

This is how he sleeps when the bars are out, and of course he can escape.


No, I’m not trying to be mean to my child. He doesn’t NEED to sleep in my bed all night, every night. I need my bed; he has his own. He is in my room and is close to me and can call if he needs me, but I prefer that my kids sleep in their own beds. I sleep better that way…at least for a few hours.

I’d better put the bars in tonight.

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