Where Has This Year Gone?

I can’t believe we are in September already! This year has flown by so fast I don’t know where it went. Lila is 4 months old already and Logan will be 2 in November. I keep thinking about how small he was when he was born and how big he is now. Time has gone by too fast.

Lila goes in the walker now. She can’t touch the floor yet (almost can) but it is safer than the bouncer. She leaned forward in the bouncer the other day and almost flipped it. Thank God I was there to catch her. After that I packed up the bouncer and pulled out the walker. I have to put a folded towel in front of her to hold her up but at least I know she is safe and won’t fall.

She fell asleep the first time I put her in the walker.

Isn’t he getting tall?

Helping daddy make juice from sweet limes.

I love his smile of pure excitement.


“I’m cute and I won’t let you forget it.”

Indulging in her new favorite pastime – eating her toes. She will even do it with socks on, and tonight did it in the bath.

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  1. Wow, this may just be my own personally skewed opinion but I think Logan looks quite a lot like dad.

  2. Maybe it's because lot's of people say he looks like me, but I think he looks like his dad.


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