Our Visit to the Zoo and More

First we have pics from Glad’s birthday. For all of you who wanted to see that cake you heard so much about, here it is.

Family pic. These kind are the worst. I wasn’t prepared to look nice, was hot and sweaty, and I look fat. Just being honest here. I don’t like how I look in this pic at all but have to show it so you can see all of us there. Glad is wearing his new shirt.

Playtime afterwards, once the chocolate and wine had a chance to kick in. Ha. (Disclaimer: Logan doesn’t usually run around looking like that!)
Ok, well, we finally did it. We went to the zoo! I’ve been pestering Glad to take us for several months now, but he was too busy, working every day. He said that when his current job ended he would take us. So last Thursday we went. I kept telling Logan we were going to see animals in the zoo, but I don’t think he was prepared to see so many. He was in heaven. If you look at his legs you can see he was doing a little dance because he was so excited.

The giant pelican. I’ve never seen one this big. It doesn’t look big here, but seeing it up close it was massive.

Happy boy. That is a sambar deer in the background.

This emu wouldn’t take his eyes off of us.

The elegant peacock.

Lila slept most of the time there. Here she had just woken up.

Checking out the lovebirds.

Ducks. Logan was getting tired by this time. I had changed his pants cause he peed, and daddy would only carry him if he took his shoes off. Logan didn’t mind.

This funny looking bird is called a cassowary.

Mommy and Logan.

Daddy and Lila.

Checking out the deer.

The Indian gharial, found only in rivers in northern India.

Happy girl.

Some deer were wandering around the parking lot. They were very tame and wanted to be fed.

He was very tired and cranky by now.

He finally fell asleep on the way home after eating a snack.

But she didn’t.

This zoo is actually part of a national park that is located in the middle of Chennai. It has a large deer sanctuary and they roam everywhere. It is also the cheapest zoo I’ve ever gone to – 5 rupees per adult, kids under 10 get in free. You pay another 10 rupees to bring your camera in and away you go. (You get roughly 48 rupees for 1 US dollar, so you are only paying a few cents to get in.) Of course this is only a small zoo – they didn’t have any large animals like tigers or elephants. For those you have to go to the larger zoo that is outside the city, and we will, someday soon.

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the kids and their progress. Hmm…let’s see. Something cute Logan does is, when he wants something, he will say “uh hu, uh hu?” In other words, “Yes? Can I?” He usually says this when he wants to watch a video. The other day he wanted to make sure I said yes, so he did this.

Says “uh hu, uh hu?”
Claps his hands (for please), then pats his chest (for me).

It was too cute, so of course I said yes. I mean, how can you pass up such a cute request. He had the smiles to go with it too. He isn’t talking yet, but knows how to make himself understood with lots of gestures and the ever present “uh hu”.

For a while now Glad has been trying to teach him to say “meow” (don’t ask me why). Logan can’t get it and will instead say “aum”. Now he thinks it’s a game and says “aum” every time daddy asks him to say “meow”.

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