A Birthday Party and More

Daddy and his princess.

What a face.


One morning I realized that Logan was too quiet, so I went searching for him and found him on the balcony, covered in dirt. He dug a large amount of dirt out of the plant pot and had it smeared all over the floor. All I could do was laugh at him and run for the camera. After all, it was only dirt, and thank God dirt is washable (though it didn’t wash out of his pajamas right away).

Note: Right after I wrote this I was showing Logan the pics. Then he got off my lap while I finished working on this post. He was too quiet and I got suspicious, and guess where I found him? Back in the plant pot. The pics triggered his memory of the fun. I guess boys will be boys.

3 months going on 13.

Now that she can roll over, she gets up like this on her own and has fun with her toys. She can also do a 360 degree turn in the bed.

My angels.

“Wanna play with me?”

Last night we went to a first birthday party. These are a huge deal here in India. This one went on for several hours. Logan got to meet Micky Mouse for the first time, though he wasn’t so happy about it. He couldn’t figure out the plastic head.

Mommy and Lila at the party. What do you think of my haircut? I got it about 2 months ago but only now got a pic of it.

The princess in her throne.

“I’m still partying!”

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  1. You look good mercy..and u certainly have lost a lot of weight..keep on the walks and excercises…the kids r adorable..enjoy ur time with them..


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