At the Park

One of the best things about digital cameras is you can take as many pics as you want without worrying that you are wasting film on bad pics. I took many more than I have posted here; I only like to post the best.

Something we like to do together is go to the park when we are able. Of course, I go with the kids more often than Glad is able to go with us, but when he does come, Logan has a great time. These were taken yesterday evening. Hope you like them.

This is outside our building before leaving. Our dog was outside so Logan decided to pet him as much as he could since I hardly ever let him touch a dog outside. He usually wants to pet the strays and they are so dirty and full of disease, so I can’t let him.

Lila waiting to go.

Getting them both to stand still was not easy.

Contemplating life together.

Watching the skaters.

She fell asleep as soon as we arrived.

Learning the handstand.

It’s chase-and-tackle-daddy time.

I think Logan is winning.

Logan is looking more and more like daddy all the time.

The chase is on again.

Soccer practice. He shoots…and scores.

Tired after the game.

Clapping for himself for having kicked the ball.

When we got home, Lila surprised us by rolling over several times. So now she knows how to roll. I can’t leave her on the bed any more.

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