More pics from July

Holding his sister. I must have taken 20 pics to get just one where they are both looking at the camera and Lila is not falling over.

My little elf. Her ears are starting to look like daddy’s.

Logan enjoys coloring now.

When you know how to do something well…

…invent a new way to do it!

Pretty princess.

Logan’s new bed. There is a space where the bars come out so he can get in and out by himself.

The shirt speaks the truth.

Lila has moved into the crib. I love her toys.

She has started sucking her thumb in her sleep, and sometimes when awake. Logan used to do the same at this age. He stopped on his own at 5 months. I wonder if she will do that too?

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  1. Beautiful pictures mercy….how r the little angels doing !! Hope u are keeping well and what have u planned for Gladu's bday..take care and cya

  2. The kids are doing great. Hmm…Glad's birthday, well, if I say something here and he reads it, it won't be a surprise. Ha. He isn't big on celebrating birthdays or any special day for that matter. But I do have something planned.


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