Balloon Adventure

Today I took the kids out for a walk to visit Logan’s favorite dog friends. He still loves dogs but only as long as they are quiet. As soon as they begin barking, he gets super scared and cries. I don’t know where he got that from as a few months ago he loved it when they would bark.

Anyway, we were petting a small white dog who likes to jump on Logan. He doesn’t mind that and is always happy to see her; then the balloon man came down the street. He has a bicycle, and on it sticks with large balloons and pinwheels blowing in the wind. He was rubbing his fingers on a balloon to attract attention and the dog didn’t like it so she started barking. Logan right away got scared so I had to pick him up and distract him with the balloons instead.

My intention was to just show him the balloons but the man right away passed Logan first a pinwheel and then a balloon as he asked for them. Well, I couldn’t say no then. Besides, I only had to pay 20 rupees (roughly 50 cents) for them and Logan was so happy.
We went home and Lila enjoyed watching the pinwheel while Logan played with the balloon. Lila was absolutely fascinated with the pinwheel and spent a good half hour watching it spin.

It’s a good thing I took pictures when I did, for not long later the balloon popped loudly, freaking Logan out. He just can’t handle loud noises right now. I hope he gets over this fear soon as Independence Day is coming up and the amount of fire crackers that will be blowing make it sound like a battlefield outside.

My little clown. He likes to ham it up for the camera.

I don’t know how to explain this one, but it sure is cute. I love her eyes especially. She looks like a wannabe bodybuilder.

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