Okay, some new pics of the kids. Enjoy.

First we have Lila modeling her new dresses. They are so cute and pretty, just what a little girl needs to have. (Besides, there will come a day in the future when she will not want to wear a dress so I have to take advantage of this time when I have all the say in what she wears.) Which dress do you like the most? My personal favorites are the second and fourth.

She is so chubby compared to just a few weeks ago. Just look at some of the previous pics I’ve posted and you will see the difference. And it’s all due to breast milk.

She sometimes takes a pacifier now. I don’t mind her having it when she just wants to suck on something but I’m happy she doesn’t like it so much as to be getting addicted to it. Logan never took one, no matter how much I tried to get him to.

“What do you think of my doll?” She was probably the same size as the doll when she was born.

We are making a potty push, so here is Logan enjoying a video on the potty. Obviously I don’t leave him alone there. (And a reading push. Can you see the flashcards stuck to objects?)

I caught him waving at someone. Good thing they couldn’t see his cute butt. Probably would have grabbed it. 🙂

Look who decided to play in the baby’s bed.

Hugging his teddy, on the potty again. He is actually doing well with his potty training. For two whole days he didn’t have a single accident. I love that.

Here is my handsome boy on his rocking horse. I love the beautiful smile.

Mr. Messy – this has got to be the worst he has done yet. It was in his eyes, ears and hair, not to mention on his lap. Sometimes I feed him when I am not up to cleaning a mess, but at other times he has to feed himself so I can eat. More often than not I am also nursing the baby while eating. Busy, busy me.

My little darling sick with a fever. I’m not sure what it was but he is feeling better now. Most likely teething.

He finally fell asleep.

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