Keeping Order

Today my life feels rather disorganized. No matter how hard I try to keep some semblance of order to what I do, it gets over-ridden by impulse. I get bored by routine. Most days I want to break out and do something different, anything, just to have a change of routine.

But then the other side of the coin is that I love order. It bothers me when anything is out of place, not to mention that if it is misplaced I usually can’t find it. Just trying to keep my room tidy is a major chore, thanks to my small helper who’s job is to make as many messes as possible to keep mommy busy from morning till night. As if I don’t have enough to do already!

I spend much of my time tidying and re-tidying, folding and re-folding, picking up the mess that I picked up 5 minutes ago, and trying to figure out how long the pair of pants my husband left on the chair has been sitting there. Are they still clean? Can I put them back in the cupboard or do they belong in the laundry basket instead?

At times I just give up and leave the mess, until it bugs me so much I have to tackle it. Then I get into everyone’s’ shelves and refold all their clothes and line them up neatly, hoping it will last at least for the day. The children’s shelves will stay neat as long as I am careful but mine is usually messy. By the time I am done with theirs I don’t have time to get to mine. And as for my husband’s shelf, well, he seems to always want to wear the shirt that is at the bottom of the pile and the rest get knocked over in the process. After a few days when I can no longer see the neat piles of clothes, I pull everything out and fold the whole thing again. Then he complains that he can’t find anything when its neat. I don’t even bother anymore with his sock and underwear drawer. At least no one can see that.
I suppose things will never be perfectly neat and tidy, but then again, I will never lack for something to do as long as messes abound.

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