Life with Two Children

Let me tell you, I am busier than ever! With two children, time for myself doesn’t seem to exist any more. For example, it took me about 2 weeks to stop and clip a broken toenail ’cause I needed to spend a long enough time in the shower so it would be soft enough to clip without making a mess of the nail. Showers lately have been on the run.

The other night Lila fell asleep and Logan was in bed so I figured it was the perfect time for a shower. Just as soon as my hair was wet, Lila woke up. Since Glad wasn’t in the room I had to go get her as Logan won’t go to sleep if she is crying. Then she wanted to nurse, so I fed her and she looked like she would sleep, so I left her in her bed and headed back to the shower. No more than 5 minutes later when my hair was full of conditioner and I was soapy, she started screaming again, so I had to take her to Glad so I could finish my shower. I won’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve done proper hair removal. Shhh…that isn’t supposed to be public knowledge. I’m making due with a razor but I prefer to epilate. But again, no time. By the time Logan falls asleep, Lila is up again. And this cycle continues throughout the day.

Do you want to see what my room looks like when I am not able to clean it? I know you do so I took pictures of it one morning when it was a mess.

As you can see, I have a little helper who likes to make sure the room is as messy as can be. He does his part to make sure I never lack for work. One of the closet doors has a key, and I keep the door locked just to keep Logan out, otherwise he would pull everything off the shelves in minutes. The other two doors I keep closed, but when I’m not looking, guess who gets into them?

Then I had to clean it up so you could see it what it looks like for a short time each day, until my secret helper pulls out all the toys, empties the laundry basket, pulls my bed cover off, and puts anything that is not tied down on the floor.

Can you see the baby’s bed between Logan’s and mine? I have it up on a box of baby clothes I am storing so that I can have her close to me at night yet not on the floor. To keep Logan away from it during the day, I turn his bed at an angle but he has learned how to move it. She will need to move into the crib soon anyway as she is outgrowing the cot. Only one month old and she is already so big. We are going to get a bed made for Logan, and we need it soon. But I’ll miss having him contained at times when I don’t want him to get out of bed. Ha. Once he gets a new bed, keeping him there will be hard as he will be able to get up whenever he wants to.

And I have found the best way to bathe Lila is to take her in the shower with me. She doesn’t like the baby bath tub, it is awkward to wash her under the tap, and sponge baths just don’t get her clean enough in this hot weather. The only drawback is that I can’t get very clean with her in my arms. Oh well, I guess I can’t have everything I want. At least I get to cool down until she is asleep; then I can have that relaxing shower and primping time – unless she wakes up yet again.

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