Pics from May

This is how Logan likes to play “peek-a-boo”. He used to cover his ears and I finally got him to try to cover his eyes instead but his hands usually slide down to his mouth.

Looking cute.

Do you like my new pajamas?

He charged at the camera just as I was taking the pic.

Pretty in purple.

She likes the bouncer more than Logan ever did. She will sit quietly in it for at least a few minutes and is happier when it is rocking.

I caught Logan indulging in his favorite pastime – adding to the mess in the room by emptying the laundry basket.

Contemplating what to do with the mess. Mommy is in the background saying “Logan, put the clothes back in the basket.”

He decided to put it all back, though it takes longer than pulling it all out. He knows that I will make him pick it all up. Still he loves to pull the clothes out. What kind of attraction is there in dirty clothes?

I was making Logan his breakfast and came to check on the baby. I found her and daddy sleeping so soundly together. It was so cute I had to take a picture.

I realized I didn’t have any pics of myself with Lila yet. I look tired but actually I was blinking. I always do that when getting a pic taken and have ruined many by having my eyes closed in them.

Do you like my new pajamas? There is a whole story behind them but maybe I should save that for another time.

Daddy and Logan doing a wild dance one night, just for fun. Logan loves music and watching daddy dance. (Oops, I don’t think I was supposed to post this one. Maybe he won’t find out.)

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