Spring Cleaning

Have you ever walked into your room and realized that it was long overdue for a thorough cleaning? I had that revelation today. It seemed that while I was in the hospital, all the local spiders had decided to move in. There were cobwebs in not only every corner of the room but also along the walls in between. My desk had long since ceased being a desk. It was now a graveyard of forgotten items covered in dust. I didn’t even have space to put the laptop down so I could use it.

Yes, I know you are going to yell at me for working, but what would you have done? I went slow and only did what I could. First I opened all the windows to let out the stale air-con air (yes, we have an air-con now and sleep so much better for it) that had been permeating the room all week since it was installed. I realized the screens were dirty so I hosed them down and hung them to dry.

Then I dusted every surface in sight, beginning with the window frames which were beyond dirty, then the doors, the lamp, and even the clock. The desk took some time to find under the many piles of who-knows-what that was on it. I finally got down to the surface and cleaned it well. When it came time to replace the stuff that belongs there, I made Glad show me all the stuff that was there that could be thrown away since most of it was papers of his that had been there for at least 2 months and not moved. (I’m serious about the state of the desk. This is no joke.) I was able to throw most of it away. Wow. I now had space for the laptop with room to spare. And with the dust and cobwebs gone and the fresh air coming it, we could all breathe easy again.

Once I could see the surface of my bed again, I made the bed and put the laundry away. I didn’t bother with the tough stuff like cleaning the fan since I can’t reach it anyway. Glad will have to do that one. (By the way, if you don’t want anyone to know your fan is dirty, just leave it on all the time.) And I left the floors since I can’t bend over and I left the toys for the same reason. The only other thing I did was clean the bathroom, not a difficult job once everything is removed. I just use the toilet spray hose and hose it down, wipe everything with disinfectant, use a little laundry soap on the ceramics, hose it all again and let it dry before returning everything to its place.

Okay, I see a question from those of you who have never lived in India. What is a toilet spray hose? Well, it’s like a mini hose with a tiny nozzle that you use to spray your butt after using the toilet. It’s a step up from the bucket of water under a tap that is next to the toilet that you use with what looks like a small measuring cup to pour the water to wash yourself. But it has a strong spray so it’s good for cleaning the bathroom and the floor and even your feet when they are dirty. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is.

Notice the tap at the bottom of the hose. And if you are wondering where the toilet paper is, it’s right above the hose. But not every bathroom here has that. Most places won’t have toilet paper, so if that is your preference, you’d better carry some with you when you go out.

On another note, Logan had an accident today. I’m not sure how he did it as he was on the floor playing, but he fell forward and drove both his front teeth into his lower lip. It must have been painful as he screamed and cried so much, and it was bleeding profusely. We rinsed it with water and I held an ice cube to it to numb it. Even then, it took a few minutes before the bleeding stopped. But with some cuddles and a chance to lick the ice cube, Logan was back to his happy self in a few minutes and went back to play. He isn’t one of those kids who drags out the agony of an injury and cries long after the pain is over. Sometimes I am more worried about the injury than he is. He gets over it quickly.

Just before bed, daddy was having some playtime with Logan, and he decided to do some push-ups, just to see how many he could do as he hasn’t had much chance for exercise lately. But every time he would start, Logan would crawl up on his legs and attack him. Finally he put Logan in the crib and Logan just stood there and laughed so hard at each one that Glad could only do about 5 before he would fall to the floor laughing. He never did get past 5 reps, because Logan was laughing so hard that it was impossible not to laugh. I had to look the other way as when I laugh it hurts my scar, but I couldn’t help it. It was too cute.

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  1. I'm happy your feeling better an all, but why are you doing all the work?? What was Glad doing while you were working so hard? You don't want to open up your scar. After I had my heart attack, & I was laying in bed for a while recovering, I asked the nurse if I could get up to go to the bathroom, & the little incision they used to get into the main artery ruptured, & I started to bleed heavily. One of the nurses had to put pressure on the cut for almost 20 minutes. I'm sure Glad was doing something productive, & not just laying on the couch watching you work. I have to protect my little girls. Well, your not so little anymore, but Lila is. We got back from our cruise, but you all will have to wait for photos as they are on my wife's I-phone. Amy had the digital camera with her, & she was with friends. I love you and am praying for you. Dad 🙂

  2. Ha ha..Glad you’d better watch out. Papa’s got an eye on you! And hey do let him know that you have been slogging as much too…Mercy, our love to both the kiddos and you take good care of yourself and make sure Glad plays the housekeeper to the hilt now.Cheers

  3. Don’t worry dad, I’m not overworking. And yes, Glad was busy too. He’s been taking care of Logan and the dog and the cooking and cleaning the rest of the house.

  4. Work?? whats that?……all i care ’bout is food on the table n beer in the fridge!


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